Nebraska Spring Turkey Hits High Note

Nebraska Spring Turkey Hits High Note

April 30, 2021 by

It is always amazing to get back to the Nebraska Sandhills, and this year was all the more special with Canada's relentless border closure.  Felt good to have purpose again, and the drive to get up early and get cranking with the day's workload ahead, as well as getting back into an area of the country where the people have moved forward from Covid and are living their lives without the constant media fear tactics or government restrictions.    Add on mornings full of turkeys gobbling on the roost, and a person completely feels rejuvenated.   I can't even tell you what a blessing this past month's turkey hunting has done for myself.  To say we had fun is an understatement as our crew of turkey hunters this year were just a blast to hunt with.  Rarely a day would go by without us being into shooting opportunities, and by the time I headed back north, we would nail down gobbler after gobbler.   The system of round-robin the different properties continues to work well for us, putting each new group into play each and every day.   To view the success of this past spring, go to our Nebraska Turkey section and you will see the new success photos in the photo section.    Was great to be back in action and to hunt with crews whom have moved forward from Covid.  Can't wait to see all of you again next spring.

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