Alberta Wolf Hunts

Alberta Wolf Hunts

Alberta Wolf Hunting Trips

Russ Chapin, Pulaski, WI with two of three wolves he would take during the week

Alberta Wolf Hunting Trips

One of the greatest hunting trophies possible is the timber wolf. They are extremely smart and unpredictable and leave most outfitters puzzled as they try to find the right remedy in nailing down one of these critters. I still don’t understand why this elusive animal isn’t on the North American 29; perhaps because so many hunters would fail to achieve the Super Slam if the wolf was on the list.

We have run many wolf hunts over the last decade or more and have certainly gotten to understand this animal better. As well, I have personally trapped over 80 wolves which has given me further insight on the animal. All that being said, this hunt can test the most patient hunter out there. Unlike a whitetail hunt where a person often has multiple sightings in a day, this hunt banks on the client not only being patient, but keeping a good mental attitude throughout the week waiting for this critter to make their round to the bait site. The hunt is in heated blinds over-watching bait placed 150-200 yards away.

Alberta Wolf Hunting Trips (2)

Derek Dobrzanski with a triple

The nice part about Alberta is that hunters can take multiple wolves on the same license and we have had several clients take three wolves as well as one hunter who shot four.

If a client can dunk the first one with the first shot, often those remaining in the pack will return to the downed wolf. That first shot can be crucial to the likelihood of adding to the number.

Alberta Wolf Hunting Trips (3)

Two of the three wolves that Derek shot mounted by Critter Creations Taxidermy

This is a winter hunt scheduled through the months of December to late February, conducted over six full days of hunting and seven nights accommodations. Because this animals is on the CITES list, your wolf must remain in Canada until our taxidermist is able to get the needed permits to ship across the border. Hunters have the option for the taxidermist to flesh and salt, tan, or full-mount their trophy and should expect a year’s time frame before they see their hide or mount.

Alberta Wildlife Identification Number (WIN)

Alberta Wildlife Identification Number (WIN)

All anglers and hunters must have an Active Wildlife Identification Number (WIN) before purchasing any license, wildlife certificate or draw application. The 10 digit number confirms eligibility for a license within seconds. The same WIN is used to purchase both hunting and fishing licenses.

Alberta WIN Card Information

Alberta Hunting Regulations

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