Return of the Ducks

Return of the Ducks

January 18, 2023 by

It has been since 2016 since we have shot ducks to any degree here in Manitoba, and I have always said when we are wet, we are going to shoot ducks.  How those ducks know that as the migration begins, is beyond me, but I can go back through all of our records, and it is always on those wet years that we have a large final tally on ducks.  Combine that with some terrific overall Canada and snow goose shoots to make this past fall one of my favourites.  Just overall, great decoying.  You know you are having some incredible shoots when you limit on 64 ducks in 22 minutes and 45 minutes.    This photo, shows a day where we hunted a low water area and had the perfect recipe for returning birds from a nearby field.

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