Slipped through the cracks

Slipped through the cracks

October 01, 2023 by

We chased this massive bear for nearly two weeks, with an easy estimated weight of upwards of close to 500 pounds.  Wasn't that he didn't show during daylight hours, but likely just too smart and avoided us.  That changed one day on a bait nearly three miles from where we were seeing him when he followed a hot sow into the bait.  With a new hunter on the bait, and having never actually seen a bear, he wouldn't just pass on the bear once, but three times as the pair came and went.  After picking him up, he said, I may have passed on a bear I should have shot tonight.  Showing me his photos driving down the road, I could have just died.  And in typical big bear fashion, he was gone to not be seen again during the season.

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