Conditioning bears to bait sites

Conditioning bears to bait sites

May 11, 2021 by

Even though the border closure continues and the loss of yet another spring bear season, we still feel the importance to condition the bears to the bait sites as well as to take inventory of the different bears that are coming to each bait site in order to give us insight for when we can get moving again.  As well our newly purchased bear tags and zone that we set up last fall, have been run through and rebaited again this spring.   We have tweaked these bait sites, and have begun work cutting out the treestand sites.  Should be sharing a few photos of some of the big guys that show up at these baits soon.  We added 13 new bait sites in this zone last fall, and I will be going back in shortly to add 3 to 4 new sites in the coming weeks all of which will lead to quick success for everyone booked.

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