Having run a half dozen wolf hunts, we are presently opting out of pushing this hunt due to the limited success that it brings. There is no hunt out there that I believe will eat up a single hunter quicker then this one. It is an extremely boring hunt, with very little activity, and usually in extremely cold wather. Combine those negative aspects and most hunters lose their anticipation by day three. BUT, if there is a group of interested hunters, I will schedule the hunt. Sounds like a real great sales pitch, but I will be straight-forward with you on this one. The hunt I offer, though, is a genuine hunt, in a genuine area, and one that I believe will hold odds of 33 percent of taking a wolf. As I note to hunters that are interested, if you are willing to hunt with me for three years, you will be successful. Hunters may also take a wolf during a spring or fall hunt (bear or whitetail) in Alberta and only during a fall hunt in Manitoba. Most wolf photos you see on this website are incidental kills taken during one of those trips. We certainly do make an effort during any one of these other big game hunts to go after this critter. Nothing beats the reward of taking a wolf; hands down, I prefer taking one of these over a 150 whitetail or 300 lb. bear any day.


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