The Interlake Region of Manitoba has a strong history of producing high scoring whitetails. But I don't necessarily believe that is the main ‘sell’ of this trip for us. I feel it is because the hunting is from one of our remote deer camps in the middle of nowhere, combined with shooting bucks with great mass and dark antlers. That mass and dark antlers has more hunters pulling the trigger than that nice clean looking typical scoring buck. If you want the odds of killing a higher-scoring buck, then keep yourself in the midwest states. What this hunt provides is the notion of hunting the big woods without seeing blaze orange on every corner--nor hearing dogs barking, cars driving down a road, or the local town whistle--and still having the option to dunk a big old buck that tends to be uneducated because he has rarely seen human pressure. Our hunters love this remote experience and the personal feeling that comes from the small number of hunters in our remote camps.

Hunting is done from treestands, with our best stand locations on funnels where two swamps pinch a ridge down to a squeeze point. These funnels produce time and time again. Clients hunt all day, with about 80% of our bucks killed between 10 am and 1 pm. You'll love the fact that our deer don't have those college degrees that your bucks do in the US, and their sixth sense is often to look up and hold tight, giving you time to squeeze the trigger. We hold a 65-75% average success with bucks having an average score of 130. Shot distances average 70 yards, usually less, and rarely would one ever find a shot over 100 yards. We prefer to run during the muzzleloader season (late October - early November) where our success remains solid.

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