Waterfowl hunting has always been a stronghold of mine, guiding waterfowl hunters from an early age in Nebraska and North Dakota. One of my strongest points is being able to read a field the night before and anticipate which field is going to give us a solid play the next day. That knowledge has led ‘consistency’ as our waterfowl hunting has held true year-to- year. We have 80 percent or more return clients annually, and believe that comes from solid shoots day-after-day, combined with clean and comfortable lodging, and exceptional meals. Another big sell of our waterfowl hunt is our 15-foot metal blinds that we pull on and off the fields daily. These offer hunters of all ages to enjoy the comfort of SITTING in a heated blind, where you can have your shells and camera on a shelf, and a mid-morning breakfast cooked in the blind. Lay-down blinds are great for that up-close shot, but we continue to hear that most hunters truly dislike hunting from those blinds.

About 80 percent of our hunt is geared towards the morning where we shoot limits of Canada geese (5 per person) on an average of two of the three days of hunting. We also get some nice shoots on ducks on some of these fields, and often have big shoots on snow geese. All shooting is done on decoying birds, and we put out an average of 200 full-body decoys every day. Afternoon hunting is geared to pick up additional birds, and is stronger later in the season when goose hunting opens to all-day hunting. Otherwise, this afternoon hunt is often a filler to pick up ducks on small creeks or to pick up grouse. We like to hunt until noon every day as we often find decoying on the ducks and geese to actually get better in the mid-morning time frame. This hunt includes everything from airport pickup, all meals and lodging to bird cleaning and packaging.

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