One true reputation that Manitoba holds is having very successful black bear hunting, with some very big bears coming out of this province. Our own hunting areas prove that to be true, as we consistently take a high percentage of record book bears annually. Success within our camp runs at 100% opportunity, with the average bear weighing 225 pounds. I note ‘average’ as I am not the typical outfitter who loves to exaggerate a bear's weight. We do consistently shoot bears above 300, and almost always have one or two above 400 pounds. My strong points on shooting big bears falls under hunting a quality area, extensive use of trail cameras, small group numbers, and understanding how to kill these big bears. I have a huge passion for killing big bears, and I enjoy nothing more than the chase on these old bruins.


We run two styles of bear hunts here in Manitoba. The first is land-based, operated either from our lodge or remote outpost cabins deep within the bush. Travel to and from the bait sites is either by Argo or ATV, and we rarely have trouble getting bears shot on this trip. We also offer remote fly-in hunts. The benefit of this hunt is the great fishing and ease of getting to and from bait sites. This trip can be very relaxing. We don't see quite the numbers of bears on this hunt, but the age class of bears is just awesome. If there is a question on which hunt would suit you best, I suggest visiting with me and I will direct you to the hunt that I feel would best suit you.

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