One of the greatest challenges of outfitting is the constant strug- gle to reach remote hunting areas. Hunting areas that are easy to access normally have hunting pressure from residents as well as from outfitters who don’t have the determination and equipment to seek the more distant wilderness areas. Anyone who has hunted with us in the past knows very well the difficulty of reaching these remote hunting camps and our ability to do so. We have always had the proper equipment and have been able to access areas that others believe are unaccessible. With the inventions of our head guide, John Krawchuk, our machines have rolled over the terrain and allowed us to penetrate these areas. There’s no doubt in this business that one has to stay aggressive. Without proper equipment, a week’s hunt can be quickly spoiled. We make every effort to keep our machinery in top shape. Our motto is “We will find a way...or we will make one!”

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