Alberta and big bucks go hand-in-hand. This province is a premier whitetail destination, and we consistently take top-end bucks with dark antlers and heavy mass. But it is the great experience of our remote wilderness camps that will sell you on this hunt. Numerous seasoned clients, who have hunted all the hotspots (Iowa, Illinois, Kansas and southern Alberta), always comment that it is the seclusion of this backcountry to which they most look forward. It will be the tough Argo trip through swamps, or getting a crack at a wolf, that you will be talking about for years rather than the 150 you shoot.

Hunting is done from treestands over deep funnels and travel routes. I find our best stand locations at what I call a pinch-point and is much easier to see from an aerial map. You almost always see more bucks then does, and hunters average 15-25 deer sightings a week. Success on this hunt has been as high as 100%, and never lower then 65%, averaging around 80%. Buck scores will average in the 135-140 caliber and, if we get another one or two mild winters, that average will go higher. Hunters also have an outside crack at taking a wolf on this hunt, as we have killed some wolves every year.

Shot distances average about 70 yards. In 2011, of 21 bucks taken, not one was over 100 yards and at least half were taken at less than 50 yards. Often in Alberta, hunters do have the availability of a longer shot, but we prefer to keep them at 100 yards and less. We rarely have missed shots due to solid stands and close shooting. With a rifle season open all of November, we rec- ommend bringing just that. But for interested archery hunters, don't let this talk you out of play. I am a die-hard bowhunter myself and can easily adjust and tweak a stand sight for you. It’s just for every bow interest, we see 100 with gun interest.

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