The big sell on hunting Alberta is having the option to shoot two bears during the course of the week with a very reasonable chance of shooting all the color phases. We have outfitted since 2007 in Alberta for bears, and continue to be able to offer 100% opportunity to all of our hunters on two bears. Although these bears are genetically shorter than the Manitoba bruins, the big guys seem to be built on a shorter, yet thicker frame, and have some of the nicest long spring coats I have ever seen. We con- sistently take bears in that 300-375 range annually. Another nice note is that
these big guys seem to be less educated, and very often give the patient bowhunter that chance to get an arrow through them. In just a few short seasons there, we have already had more exciting close encounters than a decade of trying to outwit a huge boar in Manitoba.

We offer two styles of hunts, a land-based operated from Argos or ATV's and fly-in trips where we charter planes into a river system and operate by boat. Both hunts are successful; every year we have run between 137-200% success. Hunts are operated from remote tent camps where we stay away from the traffic of dirt or paved roads. This gets us back into better hunting country, and adds a better environment to your hunt, start to finish.

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