On a land-base bear hunt you will see an average of six to eight bears in six days hunting, with average weights around 225 pounds. We generally kill our biggest bears on the land-base hunt, but these big bears are tough to get killed. Finding active baits is not a problem and we have the ability to move around more freely. I run a guaranteed ‘opportunity’ to kill a bear on this hunt, where you return free except for the hunting license if we do not put a shootable bear in front of you; if he is killable with a rifle, this bear is considered an opportunity. I reserve the right, if you have not seen a bear by Thursday, to sit with you to try to understand why no bears are being seen. This guarantee does not apply to the fly-in hunt. The downside is some long quad rides into our hunting areas. Every hunter thinks the first night of traveling is great; later, these long, grueling trips are not so thrilling, and nights can be extremely late.

On the fly-in, hunters see an average of two to three bears for the six days, yet we will kill more big bears on the fly-in hunt. Average weights are going to be 250 pounds. The age of bears on this hunt is incredible with 9-10 years the average and not uncommon to see bears taken over 15 years old. Most of these top-end bears bank out at 350-375 pounds with few jumping the 400 pound range. These bears tend to be less intelligent, having not seen hunting pressure over the years and big boars are killable with enough time put on a stand. Fishing can be a great side activity on this hunt and often the fishing is fantastic. Hunters love the plane rides in and out of the camps, and getting to the bait sites via boat is done quickly, with morning hunting an option due to the quick travel time to and from bait sites. Talk to me about these choices and I can give references who have done both.


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